Alberto Batungbacal shines the brightest at UAAP Swimming Championship Day 3


Alberto_BatungbacalOne of Ateneo’s promising swimmers, Alberto Batungbacal, shines the birghtest on day 3 of the 76th UAAP Swimming Championship in Trace Aquatic Center, Laguna.

Early in the morning trials, Alberto Batungbacal already broke the 1:10.81 100m Breaststroke Boys record of Sean Paul Tan set in 2008 with a new record time of 1:08.82. He then came back in the late afternoon finals and swam another record breaking finish of 1:08.39, erasing the record he set in the morning.

Minutes after winning the 100m Breaststroke event, Batungbacal again strut his wares in the pool for the 400m Individual Medley finals, winning the gold medal in record breaking fashion. He registered a new record of 4:49.20, erasing the 2010 record of Gian Berino, 4:52.49. Yesterday’s record breaker, Maurice Sacho Ilustre took the silver with a time of 4:59.24, while Miguel Antonio Arellano went home with the bronze, 5:08.38.

In the 400m Individual Medley men’s event, last year’s MVP, Johansen Aguilar, also registered a record breaking swim of 4:42.23, erasing his previous record of 4:43.11 in 2012. France Marquez of UST settled for the silver, 4:48.46; and Orpheus Magbanlac took the bronze, 4:59.08.

The distaff side was won by UP’s Denjylie Cordero with a time of 5:16.37.

Earlier in the finals, Denjylie Cordero also won the 100m Breaststroke event; breaking one of the oldest records in the meet, 1:15.18 of Jenny Guerrero set in 2001. Cordero actually broke the record in the morning’s trials with a time of 1:14.22, and reset the new record to 1:14.06 in the late afternoon finals.

Ateneo’s Axel Ngui won the 200m Freestyle with a new record time of 1:56.12; while taking gold in the distaff side is Delia Angela Cordero with a time of 2:09.91

In backstroke, UP Maroons swept all medals in the distaff side. Ma. Claire Adorna finished first the 100m event (1:08.38), followed by Anna Dominique Bartolome (1:07.84), and Whitney Eunice Dy (1:10.05). Johansen Aguilar won the men’s event; while Claire Anne Galang took home the gold in the girls division.

After sitting for 1 year residency and now swimming for UP, Gabriel Castelo took the gold in the 50m Butterfly Men’s finals with a time of 26.26; while Anna Celina Gonzales grabbed the gold in the women’s division, 29.03. It was Gerard Christoffe Reyes who took the gold in the boys division of the said event; while in the girls division, Ronalyn Joyce Lalimo registered a new record of 30.89, erasing Pricila Aquino’s record of 31.09 in 2012.

Day 3 ended with two more record broken.

The UP 4x50m Freestyle Relay Men’s team composed of Rianney Reynoso, Carl dela Cruz, Christen Mercado, and Joshua Balinas set a new record time of 1:41.95; while Ateneo’s Women’s team set a new record of 1:54.09. The women’s team is composed of Maria Andrea Torres, Maria Sandra Gojar, Jasmine Ong, and Roanne Yu.

Team standing as of Da 3:

Mens : (1) UP – 313 (2) DLSU – 217 (3) ADMU – 208 (4) UST – 138 (5) UE – 18
Womens : (1) UP – 452 (2) ADMU – 290 (3) DLSU – 80

Boys : (1) ADMU – 407 (2) DLS ZOBEL – 175 (3) UST – 146 (4) UE – 102 (5) UP – 70
Girls : (1) UE – 316 (2) UST – 266 (3) DLS ZOBEL – 144 (4) UP – 142

Below are the winners of UAAP Swimming Championship’s day 3 of competition:

200m Freestyle Men
Gold : Axel Steven Ngui (Ateneo), 1:56.13 NR
Silver : Charlie Walker (UP), 1:56.20 NR
Bronze : Jose Gio Fidel Palencia (Ateneo), 1:59.46

200m Freestyle Women
Gold : Delia Angela Cordero (UP), 2:09.91
Silver : Anna Celina Gonzalez (Ateneo), 2:10.28
Bronze : Kimberly Uy (Ateneo), 2:11.93

200m Freestyle Boys
Gold : Maurice Sacho Ilustre (UE), 2:01.59
Silver : Miguel Antonio Arellano (Ateneo), 2:08.08
Bronze : David Anthony Mendoza (Lasalle), 2:09.27

200m Freestyle Girls
Gold : Christine Jhoy Mendoza (UE), 2:16.45
Silver : Carmen Rose Matabuena (UE), 2:20.60
Bronze : Claire Anne Galang (UE), 2:26.03

100m Breaststroke Men
Gold : Franz Marquez (Ateneo), 1:09.53
Silver : Jhonmar Gonzales (Lasalle), 1:10.47
Bronze : Jerem Esquerra (UP), 1:10.65

100m Breaststroke Women
Gold : Denjylie Corder (UP), 1:14.06 NR
Silver : Joy Rodgers (UP), 1:17.92
Bronze : Sabrina Ingrid Ilustre (Lasalle), 1:18.67

100m Breaststroke Boys
Gold : Alberto Batungbacal (Ateneo), 1:08.39 NR
Silver : Joshua Taleon (Ateneo), 1:10.03
Bronze : Skyler Claveria (UST), 1:11.34

100m Breaststroke Girls
Gold : Ronalyn Joyce Lalimo (UST), 1:21. 91
Silver : Pricila Aquino (UP), 1:22.01
Bronze : Gimelle Ballesteros (UST), 1:24.81

50m Butterfly Men
Gold : Gabriel Castelo (UP), 26.26
Silver : Pierce Jerrald Beltran (Lasalle), 26.43
Bronze : Charlie Walker (UP), 26.50

50m Butterfly Women
Gold : Anna Celina Gonzalez (Ateneo), 29.03
Silver : Delia Angela Cordero (UP), 29.49
Bronze : Antoinette Noore Aquino (UP), 31.44

50m Butterfly Boys
Gold : Gerard Christoffe Reyes (Ateneo), 28.02
Silver : David Anthony Mendoza (Lasalle), 28.25
Bronze : Gabriel Guerrero (UST), 28.32

50m Butterfly Girls
Gold : Ronalyn Joyce Lalimo (UST), 30.89 NR
Silver : Pricila Aquino (UP), 31.34
Bronze : Ariana Mikaela Canaya (UST), 32.23

100m Backstroke Men
Gold : Johansen Benedict Aguilar (Lasalle), 59.78
Silver : Charlie Walker (UP), 1:02.08
Bronze : Jan Jeric Santos (Ateneo), 1:03.51

100m Backstroke Women
Gold : Ma. Claire Adorna (UP), 1:06.38
Silver : Anna Dominique Bartolome (UP), 1:07.84
Bronze : Whitney Eunice Dy (UP), 1:10.05

100m Backstroke Girls
Gold : Claire Anne Galang (UE), 1:11.70
Silver : Carmen Rose Matabuena (UE), 1:12.82
Bronze : Francheska Joves (UP), 1:15.09

400m Individual Medley Men
Gold : Johansen Aguilar Benedict (Lasalle), 4:42.23 NR
Silver : Franz Marquez (UST), 4:48.46
Bronze : Orpheus Magbanlac (UP), 4:59.08

400m Individual Medley Women
Gold : Denjylie Cordero (UP), 5:16.37
Silver : Delia Angela Cordero (UP), 5:23.12
Bronze : Sabrina Ingrid Ilustre (Lasalle), 5:26.76

400m Individual Medley Boys
Gold : Alberto Batungbacal (Ateneo), 4:49.20 NR
Silver : Maurice Sacho Ilustre (UE), 4:59.24
Bronze : Miguel Antonio Arellano (Ateneo), 5:08.38

400m Individual Medley Girls
Gold : Christine Jhoy Mendoza (UE), 5:32.35
Silver : Ingrid Dizon (Lasalle), 6:07.63
Bronze : Joanna Bianca Henson (UST), 6:12.38

4x50m Freestyle Relay Men
Gold : 1:41.95 NR UP Men (Rianney Reynoso, Carl Dela Cruz, Christine Mercado, Joshua Balinas
Silver : 1:42.83 UST (Ralph Claveria, John Ocampo, John Bautista, Charles Yatco)
Bronze : 1:43.23 Lasalle ( Eugene Lin, Pierce Beltran, Ron Tan, Miguel Ampil

4x50m Freestyle Relay Women
Gold : 1:54.09 Ateneo (Andrea Torres, Maria Gojar, Jasmine Ong, Roanne Yu)
Silver : 1:58.22 UP (Monica Padilla, Erica Lukang, Jodie de Leon, Ana Tan)
Bronze : 2:01.94 Lasalle (Hannah Cheng, Theresa Guanio, Rachelle Melville, Ingrid Ilustre)

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