UP rules UAAP Swimming Championship; Aguilar, Gonzalez, Reyes and Mendoza are Season 76 MVPs


UAAP_2013_MVPAmidst the controversy hounding this year’s UAAP Swimming Championship, the show has to go on and trophies have to be awarded at the last day of the championship in Trace Aquatic Center, Laguna.

Taking the championship by storm, the University of the Philippines is victorious in winning the overall championship in the men’s and women’s division.

First and second runner-ups in the senior division are De La Salle University and Ateneo University for men; while Ateneo University and De La Salle University for women.

The Ateneo boys continued their winning streak to 9 years by winning the overall championship in the Boys division. De La Salle Zobel settled for the second place, while UST took the 3rd place.

University of the East again stamped their class in the girls division, beating UST and De La Salle Zobel who came 2nd and 3rd.

La Salle’s Johansen Aguilar, bagged the top MVP top plum in the men’s division, continuing his winning streak to 3 years (2011-2013); while Celina Gonzalez of Ateneo, the 2011 MVP, came strong this season, winning 4 golds and 3 silvers in route to Season 76 MVP title.

In the junior division, Gerard Christoffe Reyes successfully defended his MVP Boys title and tightly held on it two years in a row; while UE’s Christine Jhoy Medoza scored an upset over Season 75 MVP, Pricila Aquino, and lifted again the MVP Girls trophy she once held in Season 74.

Rookies of the year in the senior division are UP and Ateneo’s new prized possessions, Christen Mercado and Thea Marie Caluma.

Joshua Taleon and Ronalyn Joyce Lalimo, of Ateneo and UST are the Rookies of Year in the junior division.
The last day of the championship is no different from day 1 to 3. Records continue to fall, as swimmers continue to stamp their calls in their respective events.

UP’s Delia Angela Cordero erased the 200m Butterfly record she set last year (2:22.92) with a gold medal finish of 2:21.34. Likewise, her elder sister, Denjylie Cordero, has again proven that she’s the queen of Breaststroke in the country. She swam the 200m Breaststroke event in a record breaking fashion, by resetting the 2:38.70 record she set in 2010 to a new record time of 2:37.75.

(Also, be it known, that Denjylie Cordero’s gold medal time of 34.01 in the 50m Breaststroke on day 2, eclipsed the 34.10 Philippine National Record of Jaclyn Pangilinan, which was set 10 years ago (August 2003). But, since Cordero is not a member of PSI, so this new record won’t be acknowledged. )

National team member, Charlie Walker, stamped his class in one of his pet events, 50m Backstroke, and broke the 27.52 record set by Johansen Aguilar in 2011 with a new time of 27.33.

In the junior division, Ateneo’s Alberto Batungbacal erased the 5 year old record of Sean Paul Tain in the 200m Breaststroke event, erasing the 2:35.59 record and replacing it with 2:27.75. Batungbacal has actually first broken the record in the morning trials with a time of 2:30.59, and then re-set it again the finals.

Other gold medal winners are Axel Steven Ngui and Maurice Sacho Ilustre (1500m Freestyle); Gerard Christoffe Reyes and Claire Anne Galang (50m Backstroke); Jhonmar Gonzales, and Pricila Aquino (200m Breaststroke); Johansen Aguilar and Christine Jhoy Mendoza (200m Butterfly); Charlie Walker, Skyler Claveria and Ariana Mikaela Canaya (50m Freestyle); Maurice Sacho Ilustre (200m Butterfly and 1500m Freestyle); and Anna Celina Gonzalez (50m Backstroke and 50m Freestyle).

Here’s the final team standing:

Women’s : (1) UP – 587 (2) ADMU – 387 (3) DLSU – 115 (4) UE – 2 points
Men’s : (1) UP – 452 (2) DLSU – 301 (3) ADMU – 283 (4) UST – 175 (5) UE – 18

Complete list of winners on last day of championship:

1500m Freestyle Men
Gold : Axel Steven Ngui (Ateneo), 17:03.80
Silver : Jose Gio Fidel Palencia (Ateneo), 17:39.06
Bronze : Nikita Dacera (UP), 18:05.44

1500m Freestyle Boys
Gold : Maurice Sacho Ilustre (UE), 17.29.12
Silver : Miguel Antonio Arellano (Ateneo), 18:04.56
Bronze : David Vincent Dy (Ateneo), 18:46.58

50m Backstroke Men
Gold : Charlie Walker (UP), 27.33 NR
Silver : Johansen Benedict Aguilar (Lasalle), 27.54
Bronze : Christen Mercado (UP), 28.48

50m Backstroke Women
Gold : Anna Celina Gonzalez (Ateneo), 30.94
Silver : Ma. Claire Adorna (UP), 31.36
Bronze : Anna Dominique Bartolome (UP), 31.69

50m Backstroke Boys
Gold : Gerard Christoffe Reyes (Ateneo), 29.72
Silver : Franco Teves (Lasalle), 30.17
Bronze : Joshua Benzi Yang (Ateneo), 31.12

50m Backstroke Girls
Gold : Claire Anne Galang (UE), 33.52
Silver : Carmen Rose Matabuena (UE), 34.76
Bronze : Ronalyn Joyce Lalimo (UST), 35.00

200m Breaststroke Men
Gold : Jhonmar Gonzales (Lasalle), 2:31.11
Silver : Franz Marquez (Ateneo), 2:33.10
Bronze : Vincent John Raymundo (Lasalle), 2:33.17

200m Breaststroke Women
Gold : Denjylie Cordero (UP), 2:37.75 NR
Silver : Jodie Danielle de Leon (UP), 2:48.17
Bronze : Sabrina Ingrid Ilustre (Lasalle), 2:48.68

200m Breaststroke Boys
Gold : Alberto Batungbacal (Ateneo), 2:27.75 NR
Silver : Joshua Taleon (Ateneo), 2:36.47
Bronze : Skyler Claveria (UST), 2:40.99

200m Breaststroke Girls
Gold : Pricila Aquino (UP), 2:53.42
Silver : Ronalyn Joyce Lalimo (UST), 3:00.54
Bronze : Gimelle Ballesteros (UST), 3:05.53

200m Butterfly Men
Gold : Johansen Benedict Aguilar (Lasalle), 2:09.83
Silver : Gabriel Castelo (UP), 2:15.40
Bronze : Franz Marquez (Ateneo), 2:17.47

200m Butterfly Women
Gold : Delia Angela Cordero (UP), 2:21.34 NR
Silver : Sabrina Ingrid Ilustre (Lasalle), 2:29.40
Bronze : Dennice Juliet Cordero (UP), 2:29.98

200m Butterfly Boys
Gold : Maurice Sacho Ilustre (UE), 2:15.31
Silver : Gerard Christoffe Reyes (Ateneo), 2:16.65
Bronze : Miguel Antonio Arellano (Ateneo), 2:17.58

200m Butterfly Girls
Gold : Christine Jhoy Mendoza (UE), 2:31.04
Silver : Carmen Rose Matabuena (UE), 2:39.41
Bronze : Diana Ampil (Lasalle), 2:55.83

50m Freestyle Men
Gold : Charlie Walker (UP), 24.05
Silver : Axel Steven Ngui (Ateneo), 24.18
Bronze : Christen Mercado (UP), 25.47

200m Freestyle Women
Gold : Anna Celina Gonzalez (Ateneo), 27.23
Silver : Jasmine Veronica Ong (Ateneo), 27.62
Bronze : Roanne Florence Yu (Ateneo), 28.03

50m Freestyle Boys
Gold : Skyler Claveria (UST), 25.76
Silver : David Anthony Mendoza (Lasalle), 26.21
Bronze : Joaquin Burgos (Lasalle), 26.77

50m Freestyle Girls
Gold : Ariana Mikaela Canaya (UST), 29.30
Silver : Ronalyn Joyce Lalimo (UST), 29.52
Bronze : Luisa Pascual (Lasalle), 30.95

4x100m Freestyle Relay Men
Gold : 4:12.10 UP (Fritz Anos, Jerem Esquerra, Benssen Ong, Rianney Reynoso)
Silver : 4:13.55 Ateneo (Jeric Santos, Hubert Taguibao, Luis Dapat, Geoffrey Que)
Bronze : 4:16.65 Lasalle (Aaron Ong, Paolo Zalcita, Pierce Beltran, Miguel Ampil)

Picture : Swim Philippines

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