Nong Yousui is first human who can see in total darkness


Nong_YousuiNong Yousui, a Chinese boy from Dahua, southeast China, who is born with bright blue eyes is discovered to have the ability to see in complete darkness. His blue eyes that reflect a neon-green color when shined by light is a stunning condition similar to animal’s night vision ability called tapetum lucidum.

To test his night vision ability, he was asked to answer a set of questions inside a dark room. The result was positive, and that he was able to answer the question, confirming his ability to read and write in total darkness.

Wondering why Nong Yousui has bright blue eyes, his parents actually brought him to the hospital to have his eyes checked when he was two months old. But doctors told his parents that Nong would grow out of it and that his eyes would stop glowing and turn black like most Chinese people when he grows old, but they never did.

Cats eyes and other nocturnal mammals which can see clearly in complete darkness have thin layer of cells in their eyes called tapetum lucidum which makes night vision possible. The thin layer acts as the retroreflector, which reflects the light directly back along its incoming path when illuminated by a beam of light; and causes the eyes to flash a bright color when lit up at night or in darkness.

This discovery of Nong’s night vision ability has caught the eyes of the world’s vision scientists, evolutionary biologists, and genetic engineers; and will pave way for genetic technologies to deliberately create such a condition to humans may soon be possible.

Because of his extraordiary condition, Nong has set the world record to be the first human who can see in the dark, according to According to the World Record Academy which is the leading international organization which certify world records.

Here’s the news report of Nong Yousui’s night vision ability:

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