Mika Iha’s Miss Universe 2013 predictions


Hannah_DatoTomorrow, a new Miss Universe queen will be crowned. All pageant fans are anticipating whether their bets will make it to the semifinal round and eventually win the crown.

As per pageant tradition, I will finally be joining the bandwagon of making predictions as to who will make it to this year’s pageant.

I have not actually followed the pageant since day 1, so I will be basing my predictions only on the candidates’ performance at the preliminary competition last Tuesday. So here we go!

Miss Universe 2013 : Erin Brady (USA)

I have some reservations of predicting a back to back win for USA. In the history of Miss Universe pageant, it’s only Venezuela who won the crown two years in a row, 2008 and 2009. This year, the possibility of having a back to back win for USA is really high. But, her evening gown could a hindrance for her to enter the top 5. If she passes through the evening gown competition, then I’m pretty sure she will win it all the way.

1st Runner-up : Titi Yitayish Ayanaw (Israel)

The first and last time Israel won the Miss Universe pageant was in 1976 (Rina Messinger). Titi Yitayish might end Israel’s drought in the Miss Universe pageant. I believe that she has a big shot in winning the crown this year, but might bow down to USA in the final question and answer portion. If she outwits Erin Brady in the final Q&A, then we might have a black Miss Universe this year.

2nd Runner-up : Ariella Arida (Philippines)

Tipped to win the Miss Universe crown this year by many online betting websites, Ariella Arida’s key to winning the Miss Universe crown will be a charming, spontaneous and witty answer to the final Q&A. If she won’t deliver, she will end up 2nd runner up this year. This 2nd runner-up placement is only possible if she makes it through the swimsuit competition. Her body, though fit, lacks the curve that could wow the judges, thus if she makes it through the swimsuit competition, she could be a possible winner or will end up 2nd runner-up. (P.S. pls don’t forget to sway your right hand. You remind me of an MU semifinalist from France years ago, who was injured and couldn’t sway her right arm while walking on stage.)

3rd Runner-up : Jakelyne Oliveira (Brazil)

Jakelyne is not the prettiest among my top five bets, but her statuesque will bring her forth to this year’s top five finalists. She might end-up 4th runner-up if she won’t do well in the Q&A.

4th Runner-up: Cynthia Duque (Mexico)

Ooppss.. You can bring down your eyebrow now! Yes! You read it right. Cynthia Duque is one of my top five finalists. I’m sure many pageant fans will be shocked with her entry in my top 5 or even in my top 16 list, but there is something in this voluptuous lady that caught my eyes. If Cynthia makes it to the top 16, expect her to barge-in in the top 5, and could even place as the 3rd-runner up.

Completing my top 10 are :

6. Carolina Brid (Panama) – with top 5 finish possibility.
7. Guadalupe Gonzalez Talavera (Paraguay) – with top 5 finish possibility.
8. Olga Storozhenko (Ukraine) – over rated candidate, and might end up only in top 16.
9. Monic Perez (Puerto Rico) – sure top 10
10. Amy Willerton (Great Britain) – sure top 10

The remaining top 16 semifinalists:

11. Alexia Viruez (Bolivia) – her evening gown might carry her to the top 10
12. Patricia Yurena Rodriguez (Spain) – her evening gown might carry her to the top 10
13. Nastassja Bolivar (Nicaragua) – her gown will either make her or break her.
14. Mondiana Pierre (Haiti) – her evening gown will hurt her top 10 finish.
15. Lucia Aldana (Colombia) – her evening gown will hurt her top 10 finish.
16. Gabriela Isler (Venezuela) – i find her old looking, and she might not even make it to the top 16.

Other girls deserving to be in the semifinal round:

17. Ana Vrcelj (Serbia)
18. Dominique Rinderknecht (Switzerland)
19. Yaritza Reyes (Dominican Republic)
20. Maria-Jesus Matthei (Chile)

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