A gold turned into stone; the Jasmine Alkhaldi SEA Games swimming brouhaha


Jasmine_Alkhaldi_SEA_Games_2013_ProtestIn what’s suppose to be a victorious night for Jasmine Alkhaldi, the olympic swimmer went back to the athletes village, locked herself up and opted to be alone.

Right after the last event of the night in swimming, it was announced that there will be a re-swim for event 103 (women’s 100m freestyle) today at 6:00pm. The announcer did not explain why there will be a re-swim, but online news say that the SEA Games officials forfeited Jasmine Alkhaldi’s gold medal due to false start.

Reports say that the Thailand Swimming Association has filed a protest which was approved by the body, thus nullifying Alkhaldi’s win, and scheduling a re-swim today, Friday, at 6:00pm.

I saw the whole women’s 100m Freestyle event from start to finish via the live streaming link of Singapore Sports in Youtube, and I didn’t see any false start.

I saw all swimmers jumped together after the buzz which signaled the start of the race. But I also heard a second buzz, right after the first buzz, which sounded like a signal that there was a false start. Then I noticed that in lane 3, Jenjira Srisard of Thailand stopped swimming after she dived, and then later on continued swimming after seeing that the rest of the swimmers were actually still swimming.

The moment I saw that transpired, I was thinking that Jenjira stopped swimming because she heard the second buzz which signaled that there was a false start. The moment she did not see the rope being dropped, and the rest of the seven swimmers were still swimming, she then continued to swim and finished the race with a time of 1:01.58, placing 7th among 8 swimmers in the finals.

The question here is, if there was a technical problem, why didn’t they stop the whole race? Why did they allow the swimmers to continue and finish their swims? Although allowing the swimmers to finish the race and announce the winners is still acceptable, what’s not acceptable is they awarded the winners and then later on announced that the results have been nullified.

This issue here is really something big and complex; something I have never seen or experienced before.

This is not any swimmers fault. This is the fault of the technical team and the organizing team. Surprisingly, it was so easy for the swimming body to decide in nullifying Jasmine’s win, considering it was the technical committees fault.

Another surprising turn of event is that it was so easy for Philippine national swimming coach Pinky Brosas to give in to the decision. I wonder how far did he fight for Jasmine Alkhaldi?

Clearly, Jasmine Alkhaldi won the race fair and square. If there was a technical problem and they failed to respond to it right there and then before awarding the winners, then they should take the blame of what they did wrong, and not pass the consequence to the swimmers.

Every after an event, there is a window time for protest, prior to the awarding of the winners. Once the winners have been awarded, these can no longer be taken away from the winners, unless they don’t pass the drug test.

If Philippine national swimming Coach Pinky Brosas just gave in like that, and is incapable of fighting for Jasmine Alkhaldi, then Philippine Olympic Committee and the Philippine Sports Commission should step in and fight for Jasmine.


OUR JASMINE ALKHALDI WILL MAKE HISTORY TODAY AT 6:00PM in Wunna Theikdi Swimming Pool, Naypyitaw, Myanmar.

Don’t forget to mark your calendar!

Kots Isko XoXo

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6 thoughts on “A gold turned into stone; the Jasmine Alkhaldi SEA Games swimming brouhaha

  • December 13, 2013 at 9:10 am

    They don’t use rope for freestyle and IM events, they only use banners and ropes during the backstroke events. It’s obvious that there was a second buzzer after they dove in which is very unusual… there should only be one buzz as a signal for the swimmers to listen to, they should have noticed it. Just like Jenjira did.

  • December 13, 2013 at 9:13 am

    Also… I forgot, they use ropes and banners for IM which has a backstroke part as well. Basically all events that involves backstroke, ROFL

  • December 13, 2013 at 2:55 pm

    How archaic…ropes, second buzzer???? Just run the race and after disqualify the person who did the false start. Jasmine is the Champion!

    • December 13, 2013 at 3:04 pm

      there was no false start. the problem was the buzzer which made a second sound (a false start sound) right after it buzzes and signals for the start of the race. :) . it was a technical problem.. but they did not stop the race amid the technical problem..

  • December 14, 2013 at 1:05 pm

    Hearing about this really makes me angry. When the event is closed and the swimmers already received the medals, why in the heck they wanted to re-swim these swimmers. If there were any false start, they should have been given a disqualification form at the end of the swim. But if it is the fault of the officials, then they should have not agree to re-swim these swimmers. These swimmers worked so hard to be treated like this especially when the officials are at fault. Did anyone defend this champ? Where is the coach? It is the responsibility of the coach to rebuttal the accusations. The event are done, period. The awards are already been given. These officials should have not been placed in an international meets like this. They supposed to know the rules. As for Jasmine, this will really put a mark on her. We all know that this will affects her tremendously. It will probably ruin some of her events. We all can’t just say…go Jasmine! She knows we support her but someone should fight for her to claim that gold back. She deserved that. But if she is left alone to deal with it, it is totally unfair for her. If I am there, I will question it myself aggressively. I feel for you Jasmine, but girl…..don’t let this thing affect you, show them in the water…Goodluck to you!

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