Thirteen and under junior swimming ranking is now up!


Due to persistent demand from the swimming community, a top 15 national ranking for 13 year-old swimmers and below is now up.

The ranking though is not that accurate since there are results which don’t state the real age of the swimmers, rather use a generic age of 12 for primary, and 16 or 13 for secondary swimmers.

With this, it is quite difficult to compile a more accurate ranking ’cause there are possible 13 year-old swimmers that have been missed in the ranking (because their age on the results is stated as 16), while there could be 11 or 10 year old swimmers in the ranking with published age of 12 (since their age on the results is stated 12).

So please feel free to comment necessary corrections on the ranking, and together we make this ranking a more accurate one.

Corrections can be posted as comments below the specific ranking which needs changing.

Click here for the Junior 13 and Under Top 15 Ranking. The junior ranking is below the national ranking.

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