National swimmer Dhill Anderson Lee launches impressive come-back


After more than a year of absence in the swimming scene, 2011 SEA Gamer, Dhill Anderson Lee, has launched an impressive come-back at the Grand Family Association Invitational Swimming Championship last weekend.

Swimming in the meet untapered, Lee swept all the gold medals in all individual events he was entered and not just that, he also topped all 5 individual events after clocking the best times in all five events, not just in his age-band, but among all swimmers who joined the swim competition.

Lee clocked 25.94 in 50m Freestyle, 56.18 in 100m Freestyle event, 301.2 in 50m Backstroke, 32.31 in 50m Breaststroke, and an impressive untapered time of 25.29 in 50m Butterfly event.

Lee shifted to Triathlon for more than a year after his 2011 SEA Games stint in Palembang, Indonesia, and he has now decided to be back in swimming to achieve a goal before completely retiring.

The 22 year-old swimmer from Makati now takes the top spot in the 50m Butterfly and 50m Backstroke national Philippine ranking season 2014, 2nd in 50m Breaststroke, and 3rd in 50m and 100m Freestyle events.

Result of the Grand Family Association Invitational Swimming Championship, held in Rizal Memorial Swimming Pool last February 16 has now been added in the swimming ranking.

Click here for the link of the 2014 Philippine Swimming National Ranking

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2 thoughts on “National swimmer Dhill Anderson Lee launches impressive come-back

  • February 19, 2014 at 5:23 pm

    Was wondering where he went along with several other medalists from the 2011 SEA Games

    According to the 2013 ranking lists, out of interest

    50,100 and 50 breaststroke not ranked in top 10 based on last years rankings. However you sure the 25.29 in the butterfly is not an error or a converted short course time because that is ranked 6th in South East Asia 2013 Rankings.

  • February 19, 2014 at 9:06 pm

    Yes, 25.29 is not an error nor a converted time. the meet is actually an LC meet, and a 1 day meet, and Dhill has to compete in 13 events. Yet he managed to register those times. His personal best in 50m Fly is 25.27 actually, registered in 2011 SEA Games.

    Of the swimmers in the 2011 team, Dorothy Hong, Kendrick Uy and Dhill have retired. Now Dhill is swimming again. Hope Dorothy will follow suit. the rest, Banjo Borja, Joboy Gonzalez, and Charlie Walker did not qualify for 2013 SEA Games.

    Miguel Molina and Jackie Pangilinan were the no 1 filipino breastrokers. Denjylie was suppose to take Jackie’s crown, but they stopped being a member of PSI. Banjo Borja took the crown of Miguel Molina. Banjo has improved actually, but his improvement is not enough to be among the best in the SEA region. Now we have Josh Hall. As for the women’s we still have Denjylie Cordero as the no. 1 breaststroker in the country. Rain Gavino, a 13 year old swimmer, turning 14 this year, will i think take Denjylie’s crown in two years time. ^_^


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