Video: Asia’s Next Top Model Season 2 Episode 12


Video of the Episode 12 of Asia’s Next Top Model Season 2 : THE GIRL WHO’S EPIC.


In Episode 10, Since the models had a photo shoot with Malaysia Airlines, the episode was canceled due to the issue of the lost Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 which crashed in the South Indian Ocean. The show released a recap of what had happened during the episode in their official YouTube channel. In it, it was revealed that the top five models had met season one winner Jessica for a runway lesson before being flown to Hong Kong wearing Gucci, where they met Helena Chan, another contestant from season one.

The photo shoot turned out to be a campaign for Malaysia Airlines, where they had to pose with luggage with a Malaysian Airlines airplane as the background. At panel, Sheena was given her first best photo in the competition, and was then followed by Jodilly and Marie. Katarina and Nicole landed in the bottom two, but Katarina was spared from the competition and Nicole was sent home.


After the panel, the girls were given another Nadya Mail that sent them to Malacca. In Malacca, the girls were allowed to take a break from the exhausting competition, where they could shop, travel, and take a ride on a traditional Malaccan rickshaw. After that, the girls went to Majestic Hotel where they enjoyed an afternoon tea before going back to Kuala Lumpur.

The girls were then sent to a go-see challenge with the Harper’s Bazaar Malaysia where they meet the editor-in-chief. Katarina was called first but the editor was not impressed with her catwalk. Jodilly followed next but she was somehow unsure of Jodilly’s poses because they were too cliche. The editor was impressed with Marie and Sheena’s portfolio and performance, the latter winning the challenge. She was awarded with a shopping spree of MAC Cosmetics worth $1,000. She shared her prize with the girls.

Challenge winner: Sheena Liam

The photo shoot took place at the Chin Woo Stadium, where they then meet Kenneth Goh, the creative director for Harper’s Bazaar Singapore.

The girls who are still in the running for Asia’s Next Top Model Season 2 are Jodilly Pendre and Katarina Rodriguez of Philippines, Sheena Liam of Malaysia and Marie Nakagawa of Japan.

Here’s the video of AsNTM Season 2 Episode 12:

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