Team Philippines “off-target” debacle in Asian Games 2014


Since winning the overall crown of the Southeast Asian Games in 2005, TEAM Philippines’ stint in all major international sporting events has so far ended in an “off-target” debacle.

Just when sports fans thought that finishing on 7th place at the 2013 SEA Games in Myanmar was already a wake-up call for our sports officials, then comes the “1 gold medal haul” stint in the recently concluded 17th Asian Games in Incheon, Korea. Another very heartbreaking stint for Team Philippines.

What’s really wrong with Philippine Sports?

Here’s my two cents on this question!

An organization is created to produce products. Products produced can be in a form of usable goods (computers, phones, cars, etc.), consumable goods (food, toiletries, etc.) and services (legal, health, etc.).

Of course products can’t be produced just like that.

Production of quality products entails the right quality of people who will manage the entire production process, develop the strategic plans, and meticulously monitor each step of the process until the products have been produced.

There are times that products produced are defective. That’s why there are some emergency meetings to immediately solve this problem.

But if the organization or company has been producing ineffective products for almost a century, then we can easily tell that there is something wrong with the way the organization or company is being managed.

In the case of Philippine Olympic Committee (POC), Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) and local national sports associations (NSAs), these organizations were formed to produce products; and their products are “FILIPINO ATHLETES”.

Filipino athletes can be considered as “usable goods” and “service” at the same time.

They are being produced by POC, PSC and local NSAs to be “used” in winning MEDALS in various international competitions, and “serve” as an inspiration to the entire nation.

If the products produced by POC, PSC and NSAs did not deliver the target medal count in a specific year, but have been achieving the target medals in the other years; then the “alarm button” can’t be pressed yet since management can always call for an emergency meeting to solve such problem where there are just minor lapses in the way things have been managed.

BUT, if the products produced by POC, PSC and NSAs have not been delivering the target medals for almost a decade now, THEN WE CAN CONCLUDE THAT THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG with the MANAGEMENT of POC, PSC and our local NSAs.

It could be that the people managing the organization are not the right people for the job; lack of funding for the organization; lack of talents in the pool, etc.

Pinoy Headline dot Com has asked the sports fans their two cents on this issue, and these are what they say :

Js Sampan : If you want world-class athletes, build world-class facilities, acquire world-class coaches and experience world class exposure

Joshua Bataller : I think POC and PSC should scrap the idea of “Only winnable sports or only talents who can win should participate in these games.” Hindi lang naman winning yung point ng pagpapadala sa kanila e. Exposure talaga! Kung makakalaban nila yung magagaling magkakaroon sila ng goal to best them. International matches will give them the proper motivation na bumawi and do good. Also grass root programs. We have Palarong Pambansa for goodness sake! Dapat nating gamitin yung players dun. Dapat di tayo magfocus sa combat sports! Medal rich sports na clean and without biased scoring like Archery, Shooting, and Athletics! Swimming too!

Jeffrey K. Coakley : To me these are the same concerns and questions stated back in 2006 Asian Games and subsequent Games till now. My suggestion is to keep a positive attitude that will permeate throughout the entire country. I think this story is true, but the only thing back during the Sinai Wars between Israel and the Arab States was pretty much the Israeli Airforce. These pilots were looked upon with respect and gratefulness and I am sure it help to motivate them to be the best in the World and to keep their country from being annihilated. You have great coaches in the Philippines all trying to produce top notch athletes and I am sure doing their best. Finding a super talented athlete to compete at the highest level is not and easy task but I think it begins by having a positive, supportive and appreciative attitude for what you do have. And of course a bunch of pesos would help. But something that I have learned over the years is that Filipinos are really good at playing the guilt card. Ok, pile it on me…but good luck to all of the Philippine coaches and athletes, as I know how hard it is to get to the top in any level.

Gene PauLo ERa : (1) palakasin pa ang grassroot development (2) ung priority sport patibayin (3) sana obligado ung mga richest pinoy na maging godfather ng isang sport.

Joshua Bataller : Less Politician meddling with each sport and more funding!

Joseph Randolph Palattao : Our athletes need immense funding and support both from the government and private sectors. Solid, functional grassroots programs in different sports disciplines should also be present. Sports integration in the elementary grades, especially in the public schools where the most # of students are in, should be enforced to allow a bigger pool of sports-minded people to emerge and become sources of future national team members. Massive investments on local coaches and trainers should also be done. With an estimated population of 100 million, it is really unimaginable that our country is in terrible shape in sports, compared to the likes of Thailand (est. pop. 67 M) and Singapore (est. pop. 6 M). However, there are still lots and lots of room for improvement in many aspects. I’m sure the PSC and POC will be back in their drawing boards to analyze critically what happened in this Asian Games edition, but they need to act fast and implement improvements ASAP. While we improve, they must not expect the other countries to be like sitting ducks waiting for us to beat them. To be the best, we need to have that mentality of becoming better and better each time.

Violet Cabrera White : Revise the national sports program…. Dapat gaya ng sa China kung saan may camp sila bawat isang sports decipline at they are starting their future athlete at the age of 3

Eligio Valencia Jr. : Revamp n psc poc officials and ned sopport and funding to the atlets

Ryan Jay Gadiane-Labiao : excellence in sports should be a nationwide effort. dapat lahat tayong filipino sports minded and see the importance of sports as an individual and as a nation. this recent asian games should be an eye opener for both the public and private sector para itodo na ang suporta sa mga athletes natin. i think we should embrace fully to sport science, establish department of sports, promote involvement ng private sector sa sports development, construct world class sports facilities all over the country, hire world class coaches, inclusion of sports in school curriculum and a leader who have a heart for the athletes. God bless the Philippines, my beloved country!

Yuan A. Lacbao : Paanu maayos yang pr0b sa mga games na mga ganyan kung mismo po sa loob ng bansa natin e d maorga organize db po dto po nagccmula ang perf0rmance natn e kung kabilaan ang pr0blema d mas lalo na yang sasali sa ibang bansa 4 sure d maganda outc0me:-)

BL Ack : Let the former athletes be the chairmen of POC & PSC and not politicians. Or abolish PSC & POC and build The Department of Sports.

Allan Rivera : more funding & more support from the government and most of all dapat more experience pasalihin sa maraming international competitions para ma-guage nila ang level ng skills at talent nila and at the same time ma-scout nila ng maigi mga kalaban nila….

Jayven Belbar : department of sports

Hazel Cal : I don’t think we lack the talent so most likely we lack financial support and motivation given by the government. In the news, North Korea is said to be very poor and people don’t have enough food to eat. No one is even cheering for them outside their country. But they are winning gold medals and not just in Asian Games but in Olympics as well. I think that says a lot.

Christine G. Park : Funds and support from the gov’t. The gov’t should allot more budget to our Nat’l athletes. In that case, they’d have proper facilities and trainings.

Ran J Espinosa : Less funding and support from the government. Sports from the grassroot level should be intensified. We are already a 100 million in population and yet we hardly get gold in Asian games and zero gold in the Olympics.

Pido Bear Aquino : simula ng mag-overall champion tayo sa 2005 SEAGames, parang mas naging kumpiyansa yung mga top sports officials natin na kaya nating humakot ng ganitong dami ng gintong medalya. eh napunta sa wala yung mga predictions nila eh. parang yun na lang ang legacy na iiwan nina Peping Cojuangco eh, yung nag-number one tayo nung 2005. sana magbitiw na sila sa puwesto. ilang taon pa ba ang hihintayin natin para magtiis sa ganitong pamamalakad?

Mariles de Sequera-Lastrilla : Somebody’s got to stop pocketing the money that’s meant for the athletes’ funding and support…..

John Kenneth Jaramilla : government is missing

Kim Jye-Gun : Mdaming dhilan.. Pili ung mga delegates ntin, dpat maz mrami png ipadalang atleta, at sa dinami-dami ng atleta ntin dpat mbgyan lhat ng chance at ndi lng pili.. Isa pa, dpat buo ang suporta ng gobyerno, ksi hlatang-hlata na d pnagtutuunan ng gobyerno ang sports kya mraming nsasayang na atleta dhil lng sa kulang ang budget., magkaroon dn sna ng angkop na world class sports facilities, at stadium man lng pra sa lhat ng sports at d lng dn piling sports ang pnagtutuunan., at ang pansin q lng, qng sang sports tau may medals, un at un lng dn ang nbbgyang pansin, at naiitsapwera na ung ibng sports, mas mganda ee qng pantay2 ung treatment pra aman mgexcell tau sa lhat ng sports at d lng sa piling sports..

Ivan James Ramos Dizon : Pinoy Athletes’ List: Talent ? Skills ? Effort ? Heart ? Sacrifice ? BUDGET X – Dahil sa BUDGET lahat pumapasok ang… *Scouting *Training and Equipment *Athletes’ allowance *Maintenance and nutrition *International exposure *Compensation – At dahil wala tayong enough budget… ano pa nga ba?

Jay PuertoRico : Less exposures abroad. Our Taekwondo athletes excel nman but facing world class athletes from china, korea they didnt make it.

Philip Pines : Palitan na ang mga Official ng POC at PSC. Matagal tagal na sila diyan ngunit lalong sumama ang performance ng filipinong atleta.

Tessa Manto Desierto : Serious programs for all sports..start with the youth…follow best practices from other countries…they train their athletes since childhood…

And if you ask me my opinion on this matter, this I have to say:

KOTS ISKO : A leader is put in place to put systems in the organization and solve problems to make an organization effective and profitable.

In the case of POC, PSC and our local NSAs, their leaders are put in place to make Philippine Sports competitive in the global sporting scene.

Lack of funds?
Lack of talents?
Lack of world class training facilities?
Lack of strategy?
Lack of support?
Other countries are improving leaps and bounds?

You cannot use them as reasons why you cannot produce globally competitive athletes, because the very reason why you are in the position you are in right now is to SOLVE THESE PROBLEMS!

If you cannot solve these problems, then you are not the right person for the job!

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One thought on “Team Philippines “off-target” debacle in Asian Games 2014

  • October 7, 2014 at 7:41 am

    we should develop a wide sports base. i think there are a lot of potential athletes out there that does not know their true worth because they were not exposed into sports. every public school must have its own sports facility (not necessarily big) because most of the kids are there, and that they should be encouraged to engage in sports, and early in their childhood. the problem here is that parents want their kids to be movie stars/beauty queens, we live in a world of show business, where we idolize beauty that talent


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